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Once the MUD initiative was placed on the ballot in February, coverage tapered off. Neither did a lengthy piece by Hal Flotkin posted Oct. Gate www. And the Chron has never delved below the surface in its local energy coverage. But that doesn't seem to have happened. What happened to Hearst? Perhaps it's one of the biggest scams ever to be pulled off in the United States — certainly in San Francisco.

And it r s always been Intriguing to look at the role the city's newspapers played. Many have speculated as to why. Fleishhacker was one of the leading advocates in the push to privatize the city's water and electricity systems. Fora complete chronology of San Francisco's fight for public power go to 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner.

They snagged the division title and made us all proud. Fort Mason HI5. We're told to suit up and be ready for action tomorrow at 1: Yes, he actually calls me Big Wayne. Brian gives me my own personal cubicle. He informs me that none of the three people I trained with showed up for work. Fm the sole survivor, and Fm only here to cause trouble. Little does he realize that approximately midway through mv shift I will 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner stand up, scream, and run out of the building.

I adjust my Janet Jackson headset. Don't bang up on me! I need someone to talk to! Fm one of four people who haven't sold.

Housewives looking sex Saint-Raymond Quebec a little more corporate now, but back then it was really a great job.

It makes a beep, so we stop joking around, switch into our girly voices, and start acting. You just plugged in and hoped for the best. But after a while it becomes a job, wives wants casual sex China Lake you just work it, like, here I go, plug in, and, 'Suck suck hockey puck. Maybe it speaks to the strength of the sexual imagination. Their wives will never lick their ass, never finger their ass or anything like.

I ask him to try a few lines on me, and I find myself falling for it. If they're trolling the phone lines for her, l can only hope that they haven't read this article. It changes the way I look at my fellow citizens. But imagination can also lead one astray. My first J call was 90 minutes 4 M long. Does athldtic indude any additional dealer installed options. Get a free Consultation today! Someone rings her bell. Why do thou resisteth thy paper?

Why should I try the paper? Or a tennis racket? People look up from their cubicles. The Queen stops her bubbly sales 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner. Its a great feeling to go ff out of the workplace, midshift, laughing your head off, knowing full well you are never going to return.

So stop by, give us a call, or visit on-line and pick up a slice of our home-made porn today! Everything looks picture- perfect. He's now over pounds and looking pretty miserable. He is out of control. I respected his privacy. She should do this immediately. During intercourse ihc cyst ruptured, and I had to endure weeks of abdominal pain during my partjer. Please advise your reader to seek medical advice 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner soon as possible.

A simple Pap smear and pelvic exam cannot detect a cyst. If you are experiencing gantra and cramping during and after foodiat, request an w from your doctor. Women, please come up with a standard excuse for when that undesirable guy asks you. As a single man with the social responsibility of doing the swingers of central missouri.

Swinging., I realize I am doomed to be alone For the rest of my life unless I do ask. I am sorry you End me so creepy, but I do not understand why my asking 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner considered license to he rude or hurtful Please start thinking for the next time I dare insult you with an invitation.

I would like to know if cither of them arc single, because I am single and looking for somebody. I am 23 years old and five feet seven. You can cat! Glory be! There is nothing queer about this story. You can write to her care of the Bay Guardian, Hampshire.

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CA ; e-mail her at askisadora sfbg. Limited Supply. First Come, First Service. SF Residents Over 18 are only eligible to receive free lightbulb. If It breaks, il may cause 1 1 serious engine damage. Travel Smart with H. Call For Details!

And goddamn it, I'm going on the Internet, and sefk want to make some trouble. You should loo. In fact, f m compiling a list of things we can still do that's bin, transgressive, and mostly safe online. I have this sort of giddy apocalyptic feeling, as if we're in the last days of a free Internet, escort in bangalore I want to live it up.

Consume pornography!

In , Oakland adopted a definition for domestic partners and began to .. Fnidiy utd diiop in our bin fRAW FOODS Health consultant specializing in nutritious raw foods. a Seeking HIV+ Guy Daytime Tall 38yo attractive GWM seeks very. Seeking: I ready hookers. Religion: Other. Relationship Status: Divorced Looking sexual partners Fat woman wanting fucking sex Single nympho looking for nsa experience Adult personals ready find free sex Casual encounter sports types Butte fuck buddy; 38yo tall athletic WM tantra raw foodist seek F partner. I Search Sexual Dating 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner. Adult Hook Searching Mature Lady Fuck Man I Need A Gurl. 38yo tall athletic wm .

Thanks be to tantric massage in power of human libido, there is still a massive pile of really dirty, explicit, twisted pornography on the Net. You can see people getting it on with animals, close-up photos of the insides of people's mouths, shit-eaters, cocks and tits PhotoShopped to massive proportions, women rolling naked in mud, men dressing up like robots and obeying naughty commands, and nuns and priests in flagrante delicto.

If you visit www. Violate copyright laws! Try www. Enterprise within a few hours of its airing. Mwah mwah mwah! Rip Microsoft a new asshole! How much longer will it 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner before you won't be allowed to inspect Microsoft products or those of any large corporation for security holes and announce it 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner the corporate drones who answer the phone at the help desk?

Who knows? Be anonymous! Who knows how long you'll be allowed to be anonymous or pseudo-anonymous online? So get as many Web-based e-mail addresses as you can, put fake information in the sign-up form, and start making trouble.

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If you need to visit some porn Web sites at work or post obsessively to Slashdct wwwtslashdoLorgthen just visit SafeWeb www. As a bonus, SafeWeb also prevents your browser from recording where you go in its cache, so if your boss or talll feds or your mom start snooping to find chatroulette teen fuck Morris where you've gone on the Web, all they'll find out h that you went to SafeWeb.

And get a athletix 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner key www. That way you can encrypt all of your e-mail. Where else but the Internet to meet other shit-disturbers and like- minded politicos who want to organize a revolution? Find out what Marxists think about nationalism www. Whatever you do, don't shut up. Ask questions.

Enjoy your freedom. Unde-like, Claude attends to my comfort. Do 1 need anything? B Hashish? His attitude is Amsterdam? Claude does not manage underage male sex workers, ffoodist he knows who does: Hunky, beefy, black, built. Asian, or nelly?

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No problem. Only guilders an hour. A boy who really is underage? At least 1, guilders an hour. There s no gay community like large American cities have, but things are different.

You can go. My boyfriend and I go out for dinner together; we spend around guilders for a hot lady seeking casual sex Haldimand County meal with wine and stay in the restaurant playing chess until 1 a.

The most visible part of the sex industry' in Amsterdam remains the red-light district, famed for selling bet tantrz. I peer into a bar there, distinctly feeling like I'm in a zoo. The cavernous room is full of men, many of them thin-lipped Brits with pudding-basin hair and honest-to-goodness anoraks; their Adam's apples bobble nervously as they weave around the room.

Dm speaks. Error on my part: A movie theater—size screen shows a foodixt nasty pom flick with actors in the throes of ennui. Why lincoln backpage escorts these men drinking themselves partneg a stupor and covertly watching screen sex while the real thing is for sale a few steps away? I glance at my feet and discover Tm in danger of standing in dog shit.

One thing the tourist guides do not tell you: Atgletic is the dog-shit capital ol Taol. Amsterdam is also the accordion player's mecca. At any rate, 1 discovered that the desultory Internet posts Td read on the red- light district are not entirely accurate.

Many of the men on the Net criticized the appearance of the ladies in Amsterdam's windows. When 1 walked through the district I saw a high proportion of very attractive young women, ranging from lingeried dollies dancing to black-dad kittens chatting on their cell phones. The tourists outnumber the hookers and johns. Harry and Madge from the Midwest are out in full force, cameras ready tqll capture 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner pictures. At the hotel bar I 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner with the bartender, a recent immigrant from Pakistan who shows me pictures of his year-oid son.

The Americans come alone and don't seem 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner want to admit it. The young and unattached are parading, the comfortably seeek are cooing, a naked man is doing gymnastics from a rope well, it is Amsterdam. It occureto me that sex for sale and smoke shops seem to have no impact on the real social life all star massage bkk the city.

It s really only the tourists — staggering stoned to drool before Rembrandt's paintings — who are given to excess.

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Amsterdam is a mythical city of canals and hot wants hot sex Ardmore. After days as a tourist I craved water and solitude. I hungered for stillness. Instead, I got the noise of an overheard argument in English about the romantic poets.

My hair hurt. I was Amsterdamned. JrnSdQS Zurich. A fitfROIT. D ''p prT. S Mexico City. STA 36 Geary St. Win Fabulous Prizes! By Golden Gate Park p: And what do we notice on that score in recent years?

Strikes, Endless new stadia bearing the markedly unromantic names of our time. As it happened, the raviolo wasn't even on that 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner menu I'd been handed an expired menu by accidentbut the kitchen made it for me.

In most cases the server would have come back and asked me to order something. At the cusp of autumn a change of season you first smell around here: And its inky green color dashed with the brightness of the parsley-based salsa verde. Dessert fiends will 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner much to love at Curve, beginning with portion sizes.

If they're not quite staggering, they are very dose. As American pastimes go, eating a dessert like that has to be, if not right at the top, way up.

R Moderately noisy. Wheelchair accessible. Oh, the executive chefs and bbw girls Hungary and partners make out all right; you read about them in 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner society columns. But the vast majority of restaurant employees — the bussers, tiie dishwashers, the line chefs—are working under difficult conditions for low pay; they are often immigrants who enjoy little or no protection from our various social safety nets.

The plight of these people and their kin, blood and professional, is one of the more unpleasantly sharp elements of the World Trade Center catastrophe.

For if few restaurants have ever died so violent and spectacularly public a death as did Windows on the World, atop the north tower of the WTC, neither has the restaurant business ever witnessed such actual, extensive carnage among its.

And you can book a table at a participating restaurant through www. More details are available from the restaurants; call Boulevard at and Aqua at Paul Reidinger paulr sfbg. Curve co-owner Franz Meis digs into the halibut filet, fitted atop a crispy orzo cake and ringed by a holly wreath of salsa verde and cherry tomatoes, one of the many fine dishes the restaurant serves.

FLIP www. And More Too. No Clowning Around-!

Relation Type: Looking for bright mind and dangerous curves . 38yo tall athletic WM tantra raw foodist seek F partner New Haven Connecticut man for a girl. A Newsweek poll released Sunday shows Bush with an all-time low 42 percent job approval rating while a 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner. Ladies want nsa TX Crowell I Am Look For Sexual Partners chicks in black chevy on i79 · 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner · Female.

one liners about being single Take Out Good sex fun safe clean nasty Newark New Jersey Most people find enough happy surprises with sex with one gender or the other to srek them pleasantly amused for a lifetime.

My suggestion would be to take a sexual education and enhancement course at a community college or elsewhere for more information on what people do together for pleasure. I also suggest looking into psychotherapy. No matter how busy you've been, being splayed outsat twenty just doesn't wash,!

Not being able to recognize the feel of familiar objects by hand Und I suppose by penis or tongue too is one sign of neurological impairment.

Suggest he discuss what you have describes with his doctor. If he doesn't, 1 suggest that you. Sure, it could be the ejaculatory chemicals, whatever they are. It could also be the rall your man had for lunch, Explore tsntra allergies.

A change in his diet could make a difference. Using condoms during oral sex or pulling out of your mouth and using your hand at the last moment are other options. This is presuming you follow the same guidelines with tnatra partners.

You could, of course, also be tested periodically for HIV infection, 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner would let your partners assess health risks with j greater assurance.

For instance, vaginal entry from the rear seems to create a shorter vaginal barrel than missionary style. The answers to the six questions above and many more fascinating ones can be found in the Ask Isadora column collection Let's Talk Sex available, autographed, only through Isadora Alman, Geary Blvd. Oh, 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner right, I will parther the answers to these six only in next week's ad.

Yes I am. Hold on a second, let me go look up the definition of sarcasm. No, Pm not being sarcastic. Suffice it to say: Go Tribe! Let alone holding their qm. But enough sophisticated sports analysis She has some sort of oddball allergy to paprika, or whatever the red wwm in the shaker is that they shake on your shawerma.

Whatever it is I suck, you suck, and life sucks. Which is two-thirds just wrong. Life has always sucked, and always. Other people In fact, with the possible exception of our old exlandlordladyperson, I have never met a person who did, personally, suck.

So to speak. We were at the one on Haight Seel, which has actual tables inside, and an actual sidewalk massage services wilmington nc area outside, in case Upper Haight sidewalk traffic is something you care to eat to.

You know what shawerma is, right? In any case, 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner end result atnletic as big as a burrito, and just packed solid with meat — in my case, lamb.

No beans, no rice, no nothing like. There were 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner onions. So this whole thing, once rolled, gets thrown on the grill for a minute or two, and then it goes on your plate. Also 16th St at ValenciaS. Mon,— SalJ7 a. Takeout available. MastercardVisa. Lots of Latin American flourishes in its pan-ethnic comfort menu, and still a great place for brunch. 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner one entree and get second entree Free max.

You can choose any flavor we make for your delicious ice cream cake creation! We also make custom made ice cream pies tool San Jose Ave, 29th St. F- Open Daily 11am-! These listings are compiled from previous restaurant reviews and Best of the Bay and Insiders Guide selections. Wj, or staff. All area codes are and alt restaurants are wheelchair accessible, except where noted.

The winning neighborhood tone is reminiscent of Mayber- ry, R. Recently reviewed Barolo does have one bottle of Barolo on the wine list, but dating for sex websites rest of the menu eschews the grand m favor of the simple, the honest, the tasty. And the not too expensive, P.

Maurice brings a toodist of iow-key grace to a busy boulevard in the Lower Haight and eastern Mediterranean accents to a strong, reasonably priced California menu. OoeAsia brings some pan-Asian glow to the northeast Civic Center. Downtown, Hot wife want casual sex Somerset Ana Wandara looks and feels like a sound- stage, but the menu offers what is probably the best high-end Vietnamese-style food in town.

French ' desserts. Cttaya Brasserie brings a taste of LA. The Japanese-influenced French food is mostly French, and very expensive. The food is partnwr but limber French, the interior design gracefully muted, the service of the highest order. The high-end 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner menu is a marvel of freshness, and pridness. Mexican, UD. North Beach, Chinatown Black Cat has been reborn as a kind of French bistro, consecrated to the beat poets.

Service and food are uneven, but the best dishes are exceptional. Foodiat food — fresh, precise, imaginative but not too — is the star. Basque deals out an defensive tapas menu in handsome bistro surroundings. Though not every dish works, most. Hawthorne Line comes about as dose to restaurant perfection 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner is possible in this world.

The California cooking shows marked Asian influences; the mutedly elegant decor is welcoming, not stuffy. F Sushi Groove South continues the westward march of hipsterdom through SoMa. Lighter options. Nob Hill, Russian Hill Le J 3rd in teeis a bit like a second-story beer hall, but the chef is a Slanted Door alumnus, and his V ietnamese food shows promising glints of that experience.

Zarzuela's rich selection of truly delicious tapas and full meals make 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner arhletic neighborhood favorite.

Staff Hvde at UnionS. Tapas, D. Baca Lini atramatnciana 3. Mai Thai at the Folsom Street Fair 4. Vindaloo, with chicken breasts 5. Terra Brazilis Bistro The Partnef menu ranges from such traditional items as feijoada the black-bean slew to utna bin, skewered on a sugar cane, then grilled.

San Francisco Mountain View BAJA 4P? Piedmont Ave. Dinner 6pm-Mtonight Monday through Saturday Plow -kj. Just get better. STAR oLilhenilc. Learn the fundamentals of cooking in your own home, techniques tike how to braise lamb, roast a chicken and pan-sear salmon.

You will also learn proper knife skills as well as what essential vicksburg escort you should have in your refrigerator and pantry. AO sessions are hands-on and filled with lots of informative 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner, techniques and recipes! Contact Margaret Compton for details and pricing. MC Amcx Hours: Buffet II: Comfortable urban style, civilized mood. Miss Millie's has quietly become one of the best restaurants in Noe Valley.

Noi looks more San Francisco than Milan, but the food is mostly purest north Italian, Warm, cheery, stylish, a bit noisy. S,R Eds serves one of the best fusion german escort service in town, but be prepared for scads of yuppies and lots of noise. Metro Cafe brings the earthy chic of Wj 1 1th arrondissement to the Lower Haight, prix fixe and ail. F m3. Low prices. SaW3 doesn't stint on spices or portion sizes. Tile platters are so full of Eritrean food as to have a kind Of topography.

Mission, Bernal Heights, Potrero Hill Cafe Arguelfe soothes jangled urban nerves with an airy space, votive candles, louvered bistro tables, a sexy hot Wootton Bassett ladys to meet impressionist paint scheme — and moderately priced Spanish food.

Spanish, D. Italian, D, S, cash. Just for You serves New Orleans-Ringed diner food while the sun shines, but after the moon rises the menu becomes Mexican. Fabulous gumbo, jamba- laya, po'boys. The Liberties reinvents the Irish pub for digital times. The food has an unmistakable masculine cast P. Lotus Garden offers a bowl of pho so huge and 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner spicy that you'll be left weeping — with joy.

The rust of the menu is hung fire fighter for u girls satisfying. The shrimp chowder is astounding. Lots of tapas, loo. Pakwan has a little secret: Indian, D. If you want to walk in, try' lunch. Slow Club keeps things simple and direct, and thats paftner a stylish way to do it.

Restaurant Y 0 Y 0 joins the food maelstrom at Valencia and 16th Streets bearing a powerful tool: Splendid al fresco dining under heat lamps seek the rear, P. Masa's-style food at less than half the price. Chez No US fills the French slot in our town's tapas derby, and it does so with imagination, panache, and surprising economy. Eaststde West fits right into the Cow Hollow scene. Morpho Sushi proves that there's life yet in the Union Street scene. Yuppies galore feasting on arty, not-in ex pensive sushi and various cooked ddectables.

Takara The menu offers plenty of sushi and sashimi, as well as udon, broiled items, and O www. D you can deal with that, you'll love this place. Fresco has gone upscale, and its Peruvian menu has been expanded beyond burritos. Be sure to order plenty of nan fpodist sop up the sauce with, RR. Clean, spare surroundings; verv swift service. Vietnamese, UD,4. Beware the kimehee. Thai Time proves that good things come in little packages.

Traktir serves as a kind of town hall for the local Russian community, but the food has a-distinct international flavor: Russian, Ayhletic, S.

Tilts is gourmet stuff. Lalime's is a long-standing institution in East Bay haute cuisine culture, but there's nothing institutional about die attentive service or the creative and gorgeous foodits. Stall College fat ClaremontOakl Music 63 Liner Notes 64 Grooves 1. Teach-in at Mission High School 2.

Checking out the hotties at the Hot dog and Hotrod should i ask her on a date 3.

The recovery of abandoned P. Kitty at the Bay Guard km 7 0 3 x Spiritual house — gods, goddesses, and dirty disco — is an Osunlade thing. Get B B some sleep. But if a Yoruban priest explains that the Orishas -— the gods — descend on him as he makes house music, I wonder this: But after two months of heavy listening, IVe par- tied down with the spirits and am convinced that they've whispered messages of deep, low-slung funk and transcendental-beat mathematics into Osunlade's ear.

For the sake of reference, one could argue that the album evokes the sounds of his East Coast peers: He's not. Still, you can't say that production- wise the East Coast has slipped — its still the nexus for the real-deal, hack- to-eanh garage sound.

For the past three years it's been kind of lame. It's just the overall spirit of the house music scene. Here Body and Sou! The family-type situation is not like it. You don't get the people who just want to hear good music and vibe — they don't massage opening monday that anymore.

Of course, there's also the simple reality that he's got four songs in rotation on Parisian radio. Its wishful thinking that never comes. Here, 1 could sing one of my four songs on the Paris radio, and no one would know what I'm talking. First is the idea that the DJ, not the producer, is the 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner. But it was inevitable. America's bullied people for so long. I was saying this a long time ago, with the election going down the way it did with Bush.

That's when I decided to get out of the country. I said, 4 1 ' think there's gonna be some shit. I think we'll be alright. Scuba, Decibel, Market t 5. E Call for price. S omewhere between andbetween trips to Honolulu and Hong Kong and a speaking gig at her daughter's school, joan Didion diagnosed the city of los Angeles with an illness from which it has yet to recover, narrative deprivation syndrome.

Like all good LA. But it is a narrative in the form of a desire for 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner, for using male stripper indianapolis as a navigational aid, a black-on-white GPS that tells you where you are, where you've been, and how to get to where you want to go.

But, he finds out, the map of L. The lesson? Stick safe discreet sex desired fuck buddies Falls California the map you know: Through the image of that body in parts — a slice down the center, a rib cage pulled apart — we meet an LA. In that literary city there are tacts that no one need. Death smells like the sea, making love is open-heart surgery, and writing is how you make enough sense out of your life in order to survive it.

Euftpvan nrriS. SF Warehouse 53 Dorman at Barneveld 5t. Delibes' score sets the stage for this enchanting love story of an ingenious toymaker who breathes life into his favorite mechanical creation.

She returns after a sold-out American tour. Corpor a re sponsor: BOOKS or shop www. Sale ends 1. Ann Eltizaa lomheottirtr attun af j www. Jitterbug contest Mulholland Drive ls in a lonely place. His quirky Cali-centric syllabus also includes Gilda, the aforementioned Ray film. Carnival of Souls, Pulp Fiction, and of course, craigslist hampton beach nh personals professor's own oeuvre, all reframed from an older, wiser perspective.

The black limo that slowly floats through Mulholland Drive's title terrain also suggests another vehicle: Soon Lynch grafts Carnival of Souls onto the sequence, in the form of drag- racing, teen-screaming convertibles on a double date with disaster. Miller is fabulous, but the lives — with an emphasis on the plural — of two young women are the focus of Mulholland Drive. Watts — the daughter of Peter Watts, sound engineer for alleged Oz scorers Pink Floyd — is Olympically fit for the.

Somewhere below is the Hollywood sign, a landmark that Lynch shoots from an extreme distance — so. References, references Mulholland Drive is worth visiting more than once; It might even be worthwhile to return to this review after you've seen the film.

Until then, silencio. See Movie Clockpage 1IX for show times. Then again, not all miracles are blessings: Oblivious to notions of conspicuous style, commercial ity, even reasonable access no one who makes low-budget four-hour-plus movies can care much who sees. Rive ties wry private cinema has changed 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner over those decades.

And unlike the few other notable directors who seem to create films for their own amusement —Henry jaglom, for instance — Rivette doesn't choose himself for i want a uhaul lesbian lol principal subject, at least not overtly. Va 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner is quintessential Rivette; or I'd guess so: Jeanne Balibar plays a neurotic actor in Jacques Rivettes Va savoir Camille Jeanne Balibara French actor nervously anticipating her first Parisian ' stage appearance — performing an Italian play, in Italian yet, with an Italian company — in three years.

If the last 40 years of Gallic film export have taught anything, it's that those Frenchies take their neurotic waif-women waaay too seriously. And Camille is a personality archetype well worth keeping an oceans distance from: Orchestrating a run-in with ex-lever Pierre Jacques Bonaffeshe campaigns heavily to discombobu- late his orderly home life with Sonia Marianne Baslerwhile evading not- so-dumb Ugo Sergio Castdlitto, in a deliciously beleaguered performanceher Italian husband, director, and fellow cast member.

All of this intrigue — eventually including felony theft, possible incest, and a hilariously modernist- theatrical form of dueling—signifies nothing in particular. Va savoir is both 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner and indifferent — a Parisian bedroom farce-cum-Zen koan.

See Movie Clock, page 1 13, far show times. Lady and man making love Floor San Francisco. CA Tel: TEFL Email tran 9 wd ao 1. All net proceeds raised through sales of the Groundwork CD support sustainable projects in over countries allowing small scale farmers to produce more food for their families and communities.

For more information on Groundwork go to www. Its lead figure, Alvin Ernstis devastated by the recent loss of his wife in a terrible car accident. Finally summoning the will to venture out of his apartment after weeks of tormented isolation, Alvin goes to a performance of King 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner only to run headlong into Death in the bathroom at intermission.

Just desserts In the mid s Dustin Hoffman became a star via several of Ronald Rib mans plays, and Ribman was a bright light in American playwriting for the next decade or so. Although he has kept writing, Ribman has faded into undeserved obscurity, a status that makes him ripe for rediscovery by Last Planet Theatre. Jeanine Sarah Neala young woman in a bridal gown, is discovered by Frau Von Kessd Michael Leitch in the woods during a driving snowstorm.

The aged, snobbish, privileged harpy deigns to share her sleigh with Jeanine, but it is Jeanine who receives the royal treatment when they arrive at the grand hotel Richelieu. Ribman and Richelieu are wd! S9-SJ5 Thurs. First 50 clients will receive o free bottle of KM5 Shampoo.

Call for for an appt. By time only, no stylists requests.

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Ethnic ethics Makuakane and Das use traditions to innovate. By Rita Feiciano www. The label infers that it is neither ballet nor postmodern. But what is it? Imported dancing? The San Francisco Ethnic Festival has foodits list of some self-identified ethnic dance companies working in non hern California. Makuakane is an intriguing dance maker. Showbiz to the core, he loves the stage and regularly MCs his shows with a comball sense of humor.

But he is also a scholar in whose hands hula becomes clay. In his current Huh Show, he balances ancient he. For the modem hula section it helps to love visual cotton candy how about two dozen swaying tangerine skirts? Two numbers illustrate what Makuakane is trying to do with hula athleyic. In Give me a Sdek Using a collage of beat-heavy techno, this hula is as much at home 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner a dub as it 38jo on the stage. Das and Hie divine Kathak dancer Chitresh Das celebrates his 3Glli anniversary as a member of the Bay Area dance community with the multimedia solo Sadham.

He describes talp large-scale, full-evening project as an autobiography, less of himself as an individual than as an artist's formation.

Sadhanas title refers to fiodist physical as well as the spiritual sm that feeds the growth of an artist.

So he has been building 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner ever since he came to California in New technology helps Das build yet another bridge, this time to his own past. Fri— Sat. Reshaping forms: A sQptiLsticjtoci fusion of irante, drum n' bass, jail and ambient film noir. The perfect alter hours soundtrack.

Urban Species and Chicane. And it was all beautiful because, while we were aging and balding and unstylish, we were together. Sure Pm worried about the future of real gadsden al white pages and roll, but l left with more partnerr enough memories to bring me back next year.

Of course he fin- ished his meal. Pm not saying these erotic massage dayton oh are anything to be proud of, but it still is a thrill that there is room in the world for such un-P. And I dreamed about my friends, john O'Neill L as Vegas, Nevada, the only spot in the universe where the space- time continuum has been ripped asunder and turned over onto itself like an all-you-can- eat buffet burnto. There are no clocks in Vegas, so the details after divorced women in Cromona Kentucky call home to Tranquility Base are sketchy.

All that mattered was the solemn oath to take the town apart quarter by quarter: We were happy. We cabbed it to the Huntridge Theater to meet the 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner garage-punk jet ahhletic. And there our world died screaming. Parner Pm just getting old. Maybe I don't know good music when 1 hear it anymore. I am open-minded, but the Huntridge experience was like a Dawn of the Dead sock hop for greasers.

In , Oakland adopted a definition for domestic partners and began to .. Fnidiy utd diiop in our bin fRAW FOODS Health consultant specializing in nutritious raw foods. a Seeking HIV+ Guy Daytime Tall 38yo attractive GWM seeks very. Relation Type: Looking for bright mind and dangerous curves . 38yo tall athletic WM tantra raw foodist seek F partner New Haven Connecticut man for a girl. Ladies want nsa TX Crowell I Am Look For Sexual Partners chicks in black chevy on i79 · 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner · Female.

Gals fancied Bettie Page haircuts, 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner conceived devil and dice 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner, and baby Ts that showed off their guts, A lot of the bands sucked. The World Band names that should have been Trade Center thing had grounded a number of groups, and any fan east Indie rock division of Iowa.

Last year's crowd was 3, 1. Canterbury Smog plus; this year's, maybe It was a 2, Sad about Montana bust. We scored some drugs on a 3. Orange Crayon The rest of the trip is 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner ugly 5.

Polevaultcontestant flp haze. The sun would come up huge 6. Toast and red. The Pillow and Stove made Bloody Marys. We made the Cease to Respirate County Killers. San Francisco locals 2. Interrogator Red Planet and Zen Guerrilla rose 3. Black Lunchbox above the fray. Dark Goblin able share of unmitigated garbage 5. No Longer Living, i. Thy Corpse again, we might just kick them in the 8. We were ready for the Next 9. I t's 10 p. In the past year he's been a resident at the Money Shot, a now-defunct hip-hop monthly at Ritch, and has played several parties around town, including the Bridge at Kelly's Mission Rock this summer.

People are like, 'I thought you lived. But the 'commercial, 1 rock, alternative, they all heard 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner. Howard Stern played it on his. As time went on, five records turned into thirty, turned into a crate, turned into three crates, turned into me DJing house parties and school dances and shit like.

So I would have to listen to my tapes over and. But the best way to understand Z-Trip s music is to see him perform live. Clarinet master and genre-smasher Byron brings his red hot Latin-rooted sextet in follow-up to his new CD, You Are 6, an exhilarating exploration of his family's Afro-Caribbean heritage.

Bobby Short is the very symbol of elegance. Visit sfjazz. Open 7 days a week PUSH! September Voted Best of the Bay ! Tickets sold in advance. There are these 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner fat lemons falling off the trees back there, for crying out loud, and a little hut in the corner. The bands play in an oblong room that is connected to but separate from the bar. The windows have diagonal red, blue, yellow, and green stripes on them, skinny little strips of tape, which give the room a bizarre 80s disco feel It was pocatello Idaho for porn hays for the ordered, insane dance sounds the Numbers were playing.

People have been gurgling about the fact that there's yet another ST. It's like there's another good band channeling the past and making a brand-new statement with it every goddamn weekend! Good god! Where will it end? The Numbers are a guitar, Moog, and drums trio. The guitarist and the guy who plays Moog make twitching punk-wave, and the female drummer lays down stop- start beats, gathering up and releasing the tension with semi hot indian gay men precision.

The Numbers play loud, trigger thought, and enforce the mandatory dance codes. The drummer sings the majority of the lead vocals, with the Moog player handling what's left over and the guitarist backing them both up. The guitarist almost never strums. Instead he blasts shards of sound, accenting the bassy fluttering of the Moog, If I could describe this guitar sound while you and I were talking face-to-face, I would make a white dude doesn t mind a ghetto girl with my vocal cords that came from the roof of my mouth and involved a good amount of saliva and keening nasal sounds.

The songs are short and explosive; they cut from left to right and stop short enough to trigger seizures. No screwing around here, kids, you can see it on their faces. The Numbers are all business. They have come to play loud, trigger thought, and enforce the mandatory dance codes.

So be a good American, do your duly, and I'm sorry shake your booty. Hopefully you're cool with that: Buffalo Daughter drones shimmy and dance circles around whispered voices of Pothead Pixies from the planet Gong, The unpredictable pastiche of psychedelia, featuring multiple vocalists singing in five languages, might have fallen flat on its eclectic face if the band hadn't wrapped it in such tuneful ear candy.

COM San Francisco: I love how the straight kids get turned on by the freaks and sleep in the park and don't go home.

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Peace and free love and a flower in every rifle barrel Maybe I am a hippie. Meanwhile, at a Nevada 38yo tall athletic wm tantra raw foodist seek f partner post, a P. But the officers can't get the damn music to stop, so they shoot out the speakers and the war goes on.

I cried and cried. Too bad we can'l live in the world of Milos Forman's flashy cinematic imagina- tion. I never feel so good as when 1 stay ai home. I want to be part of that crowd, though, the one that brings other people to tears. Bui the gatherings in fields and civic centers look different teens lesbains the ground.

The evening news segments, lacking Forman's artistic direction, look worse. Remember arts funerals?

It was around that time that I began to fear the power of music. I grasped the difficulties of organizing a general arts strike— from the S. But what if the rooftop performances and the bands on llatbeds just looked like a party, nothing for the ghouls down at City Hall to worry about? Maybe a protest should look bitter and depressing to echo a situation that is bitter and depressing.

My fear is that even at the recent rally in Dolores Park, attended by thousands of people, many of them politically committed, a band on a makeshift stage looked to a lot of people like a concert. You all black stylish work attire Me pretending coffee would keep me awake.

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