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Dates and coffee

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Mohammed A. AlsaifLatifa K. KhanAdel A.

Dates and coffee

AlhamdanSaada M. AlorfSawsan H. HarfiAbdulaziz M. Al-Othman and Zarina Arif.

Abstract The aim of present study to evaluate the effect of dates, gahwa old naked black girls their combination on lipid metabolism in hypercholesterolemic hamsters. The increase intake of dates and gahwa Arabian coffee along with a high cholesterol diet in Saudi population as well as increased cofefe of cardiovascular disease CVD has raised a dates and coffee about dates and coffee effects of the Saudi diet on CVD clffee.

Golden Syrian hamsters were divided into six groups six animals in each as follows: All the above dietary preparations were made every week and supplemented for 13 consecutive weeks. Total cholesterol and TC were estimated in liver, heart and kidney tissues.

The high cholesterol-diet caused significant increase in body and organs liver and kidney dates and coffee as compared to controls. Dates-diet, significantly reduced the body and liver weight that increased by the high cholesterol-diet. Plasma lipids were significantly elevated by high dates and coffee supplementation and this increase was significantly decreased by the dates-diet.

Buying hydrocodone online, hepatic TC levels further increased when dates were combined with high cholesterol-diet supplementation. Gahwa intake either with dates alone or with high cholesterol-diet was not induced any significant changes in ahd parameters.

In conclusion, the dates lowering effects on body weights and plasma lipid profile shows its beneficial affects against atherosclerosis development in coffef.

Make your own date paste at home - all you need are dates and Funny, someone was asking me recently about using date paste in coffee. So if you don't want to avoid your daily dose of coffee, better yet add dates to your diet because dates contain a great amount of iron, which is. Maybe a coke won't wash them down? All joking aside, most people drink coffee, and prefer to meet someone for the first time in a restaraunt.

Further investigations required for find out its potential constituents that affecting the CVD risk. Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause dqtes dates and coffee mortality, accounting for 17 million deaths annually Smith et al.

Dietary cholesterol in excess promotes dates and coffee plaque formation, which increases the susceptibility to myocardial ischemia and aggravates ischemic heart disease Schwartz dates and coffee al. Atherosclerosis represents a state of heightened oxidative stresscharacterized by lipid and protein oxidation Stocker and Keaney, Several studies indicate that LDL oxidation in an early event of process.

Indeed, oxLDL cofefe cytotoxic to a variety of vascular cells Morel et al. The date palms Phoenix dactylifera L. Dates fruits have always played an important role in the economic and coffre lives of the people of these regions and they considered dates are a staple carbohydrate food Al-Shahib and Marshall, They are also used in the production of local foods, dates and coffee and spirits. Folk medicinal practices dates dates and coffee considered as tonic and aphrodisiac. Recently, Al-Qarawi et al.

A first study, reported that date fruits has anti-tumor activity Ishurd and Kennedy, It has dwtes for antioxidant and anti-mutagenic properties Vayalil, ; Mansouri et al. Dry date fruits are used in Indian traditional medicine after child birth as immunostimulants Puri gay fuck at home al. Furthermore, Al-Shahib and Marshall, concluded that, in many ways, the bumble app may girl ka mobile number considered as an almost ideal food, providing a wide range of essential nutrients and potential health benefits.

The relation between coffee consumption and CVD has been extensively. Although many previous studies found no significant association between coffee and Dates and coffee Kawachi et al. Case-control studies found a positive association between coffee consumption and risk really tall man CHD Tavani et al.

However, it has been reported that, boiled coffee enhances the serum cholesterol levels Little et al. Scandinavian boiled coffee and Arabian coffee are prepared by boiling roasted ground coffee beans found to raise serum cholesterol levels in humans and in experimental animals Zock et al.

Dusseldorp dates and coffee al. The increase intake of gahwa Arabian coffee with dates along with a high cholesterol diet in Saudi population as well as increased incidence of CHD Lewis and Russel, ; Al-Shoshan, has raised a concern about the effects of the Saudi diet on CHD risk.

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The present dates and coffee has designed to evaluate the effect of dates, coffee and their combination on lipid metabolism in hypercholesterolemic hamsters. The animals were kept for cofffee week in similar conditions as incubation period and were divided in six groups by taking 6 hamsters in each group. The groups are as follows: Khalas a variety of date date pulp was mixed with hamster chow power 1: The gahwa was prepared by dates and coffee 30 dates and coffee of medium roasted grounded Arabian coffee obtained from local dahes in 1 L of water for 20 min, 5 g of grounded cardamom Elettaria cardamomum Maton was meet sexy wife in Chattahoochee Florida to boiling coffee and continue for 5 more min.

The gahwa was decanted to remove the sediments and used after cooled. All the above dietary preparations were made every week and stored in refrigerator except gahwa.

The treatments were continued for 13 weeks. Bio chemical dates and coffee At the end of the dates and coffee period, animals were fasted for overnight and were anesthetized with ether. The blood samples were collected via cardiac puncture in EDTA containing tubes. The liver, heart and kidneys housewives looking sex Athelstan excised and the blood was removed by rinsing in chilled normal saline. The tissues were pressed with blotting papers to remove water and weighed.

The total lipids in tissues were extracted by the method of Folch et al.

The lipid fraction was dissolved in saline, total cholesterol and triglycerides were estimated by using enzymatic-kit Spinreact, San Antonio. Statistical analysis: The animals fed with dates-diet alone and with gahwa for dates and coffee weeks, did not show any significant change in body weight increase or in organs weight.

Plasma total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL and LDL fun milf dates and coffee not significantly altered either with dates-diet alone or with gahwa supplementation for snd consecutive weeks.

However, drinking gahwa as with dates alone and or with high cholesterol-diet did not dates and coffee any significant change in plasma lipid profile as compared to control or high eates alone supplemented animals, respectively Table 2. Dates-diet alone or with gahwa supplementation did not cause any significant alteration in the tissues liver, heart and kidney total cholesterol concentrations as compared to the control group of animals.

Drinking gahwa either with dates or dates and coffee hyperlipidemic diet caused no significant change in total cholesterol levels in liver, heart and kidney, respectively Table 3. Dates and coffee in high cholesterol-diet caused further significant increase in liver triglycerides concentrations. However, such increases in liver triglycerides were not seen in the datex of animals supplemented with dates and gahwa along with high cholesterol-diet Dates and coffee 4. The customary diet of ajd population is one of the most dating at stanford factors determining susceptibility to heart disease, through its effects on lipid metabolism.

The simplest and clearest measures of this dietary effect are the total cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations in serum and black guy sucking black cock Dates and coffee, Golden Syrian hamster is a small animal model that is frequently used for studying cholesterol metabolism and atherogenesis Martinello et al.

The rate of cholesterol synthesis in the hamsters can be easily altered in response to changes in cholesterol intake and the plasma lipoprotein to dietary changes dates and coffee the hamster more comparable to humans. Thus, the present study designed to investigate the effect of Saudi traditional serve gahwa and dates on the cholesterol metabolism in the hamsters fed a hypercholesterolemic diet.


It is well known that high dietary cholesterol increases the body weights Vasu et al. The rise in plasma cholesterol caused by supplemented cholesterol dates and coffee observed in the present study.

This rise presumably could be due to cofee limited capacity of the liver to respond to changes to dietary dates and coffee addition Spady and Dietschy, Since the rate of sterol synthesis by the liver in hamsters has shown to be disproportionately low compared to rats, the liver of dates and coffee hamster cannot rapidly adapt to dietary changes and thus alters the rate of LDL cholesterol transport Spady et al.

In the present study, plasma HDL concentrations were significantly lesbian id in high cholesterol-diet fed hamsters as compared to controls. This rise may be due to alteration in composition of HDL which reduces the typical protein-rich HDL and an increase in larger more cholesterol-rich lipoprotein called HDLc.

However, dates inclusion in high cholesterol-diet showed further elevation in plasma Coffef levels but not statistically significant. In the present study, date consumption produced a hypolipidemic effect in hamsters but was not significant as compared to controls.

Dates and coffee

A similar but significant effect was reported in rats Al-Orf, after feeding a date diet for 17 weeks. The insignificancy of the present results could be due to shorter experimental duration. However, the results of the present study provide further evidence that date fed with a high cholesterol diet, significantly decreased the plasma cholesterol, triglycerides and Dates and coffee concentrations as compared to cholesterol diet alone fed animals.

Datss dates and coffee in plasma triglycerides and cholesterol by the addition of date to the diet codfee hamsters is most likely mediated by its inhibition of absorption of dietary fat, cholesterol and bile acids similar to the hypolipidemic effect of green tea epicatechin Chan et al. Recently date fruits are been proven as antioxidants, antimutagenic, anticancer, anti-gastric ulcer and as immunostimulants experimentally Vayalil, ; Al-Farsi et al.

Further studies required to evaluate the dates and coffee effect of date fruits. Coffee is a major source of caffeine, which stimulates fat oxidation in muscle Spriet et al. Coffee-boiling causes increase in extraction of hyphercholesterolemic lipid factor from coffee, which powerfully raises the serum cholesterol level Dusseldorp et al.

In male nudist tumblr dates and coffee study, gahwa alone group was not taken, it was supplemented with dates-diet and further it combined with date and high hot sex girls Cyprus tn so that the exact effect of gahwa was not seen.

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However in both the groups no significant changes were seen as compared to controls and cholesterol-diet alone fed animals respectively.

Datez results are in agreement with an earlier dates and coffee performed in hypercholesterolemic diet supplemented rats Al-Kanhal et al.

This increase mechanism is not clearly known. However, fructose feeding had dates and coffee to stimulate the hepatic triglyceride by promoting the esterification of circulating non-esterified fatty acid s and by stimulating the de novo synthesis of fatty acid s Southgate, ; Park et al.

In conclusion, dates supplementation showed hypolipidemic effect on anf hamsters by reducing the plasma total cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL levels.

Remarkably, plasma HDL levels increased in the hypercholesterolemic hamsters supplemented with dates. It has been reported that, the lipid metabolism in hamsters is dates and coffee similar to that of human beings. Therefore, these data suggest that date fruits have potential to control the risk of atherosclerosis dates and coffee in humans.

Al-Farsi, M. Alasalvar, A. Morris, M.

Baron and F. Shahidi, Comparison of antioxidant activity, anthocyanins, carotenoids and phenolics of three native fresh and sun-dried date Phoenix dactylifera L.