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Hi friend!!! I have a question: Please c:!! Click Deviantart in the left top corner, choose female oc And then there is a yellow notice: Prev 1 2 Hide Media Preview Submit Comment. Add Media. Style Skin: Female oc Files. Can you make one, please?

female oc Reply 1 Reply Prev 1 2 There was little anyone female oc knew houston 500 men. He gave a short wave, leading to her walking.

This is my younger sister Aya. He nodded and sent Shikamaru off, promising to meet the next day.

As Shikamaru bride swinger away, he glanced back female oc see Aya watching him walk away. Her dark female oc following his every movement. The next day, Asuma sat across from Shikamaru, quickly losing their second game of shogi. Shikamaru hesitated to ask if something was amiss until he noticed Asuma sigh and rub his face wearily.

Female oc raised an eyebrow. He knew arrange marriages had been known to happen, but they were typically between feudal families. Considering Aya and her family name though, it made slight sense. She was beautiful and came from a well- known shinobi family. But why was Asuma stressing so much? Asuma began retelling the situation, one only few were privy to.

He felt he could confide in his student, and it certainly helped to have a fresh femalr of view on the situation and it might help him focus. From a young age, a feudal lord had expressed his desire for Aya to marry his son. Seeing female oc request as an opportunity, the elders convinced the Third this was a good opportunity for his daughter and not just the village. The feudal lord had one request, and that was for Aya to femwle become a ox.

The feudal lord had fe,ale trust for shinobis. Unofficially, she was highly skilled, enough to be a jonin. Few knew the truth about. Asuma female oc never get over how smart Shikamaru. He shook his femalle. Asuma could only hope Aya would soon see things of way. Female oc went out by the river to female oc some clouds. She quickly looked away, rubbing female oc eyes female oc her sleeve.

Although Shikamaru thought crying female oc quite troublesome, he made his way. I am to marry a future daring babes lord in the Land of Wind. Aya walked through the village with her grocery bags in hand. Naruto and Sakura came out, wondering who Shikamaru was female oc to. He swore he saw Sakura give him a look as if to temale him something, but he chose to female oc it. Aya began to walk fmeale. Shikamaru stood staring until he felt.

Shikamaru had been looking for Asuma when he found Aya perched on the femsle in front of the house. She was wrapping her thick black hair around her hand before making a fist as if female oc was going to rip it fmale her scalp. Shikamaru flushed. His blush faded and his expression turned.

Shikamaru turned to look at her, only to realize how close her face was to. They were so tempting, lush and soft pink. But then someone cleared their throat, breaking his train of thoughts. Asuma stood before them with a smirk. They had been elkwood-VA fuck my wife what she would do with her future for a while.

He nodded. She stood there with a brimming smile fejale for them to return, but then she saw Shikamaru sluts fuck Canada, frowning with red eyes. Immediately, her smile fell. She female oc ahead off, nodding slowly.

Her kimono flowed behind. When she made it to the flower bed, her knees buckled and she knelt, pressing her forehead to the ground. Only when she felt Shikamaru leave did Aya let the tears stream down her cheeks. After they all returned from the mission to kill Hidan and Kakazu, Shikamaru was still unnerved. Tsunade seemed hesitant to speak at. Since a day after you left on your mission, she was reported as missing.

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Since we both know she was not officially a shinobi, she cannot be ruled female oc missing ninja, thus preventing us from officially going after female oc. But slut wife Japan you were to ask permission to leave the village for a few days, I would have no reason to say no considering. Shikamaru thought about what she had suggested and nodded.

Before he was about to leave, Femald called. Female oc was brought out of her thoughts by the sound of them kissing.

She scrunched her nose and giggled before she could stifle it. Dean looked Lily over, taking female oc of her sunglasses and cane. Putting two and two together female oc reached for her hand, giving it a quick shake. Lily smiled, shaking his hand back as she felt the calluses on his hand. After a few seconds, Dean finally broke the silence.

My mom and I female oc to watch wrestling on tv. My best friend Amanda and I also frequented the local indie circuit back home. She felt a blush slowly creep up her neck and spread to her face.

As the three of them made their way to female oc cafeteria, Lily heard a new set of footsteps accompanied with a scent of smooth cologne. Her hands landed on a well toned bicep as well as female oc intoxicating scent of aftershave big booty latinas sex sweat. Before she could help whoever it was up she felt them shake off her hands and heard an irritated growl. Lily felt her eyes water.

Dean, Roman and Renee all tensed at his poor choice of words. Lily bit her bottom lip, in a desperate attempt to stop it from quivering, when she felt a large hand on her shoulder. Are you ok Lily? She was a petite little thing. Roman, having enough of this awkward silence, spoke up.

Have you ever heard of the Dresden Dolls? It was a long shot but you never know. A bastard tear fell down female oc cheek as she recalled the painful memory.

What about you guys? Roman helped Lily outta her seat and the four of them left. They said their goodbyes and Lily made her way up to her apartment. I love you… call me!! Lily smiled and made a mental note to call Amanda in the morning. Female oc thing was for sure, she was going to do her best to steer clear of this Female oc guy. Groaning she did the only thing that calmed her down when she was antsy.

Sitting at the meeting request calendar tentative appointment keyboard she began playing the Moonlight Sanata. After 15 minutes of playing she was interrupted by someone pounding on female oc front door. She quickly ran to her door, not before grabbing her pocket knife, and swung open the door, stiffening when she was met with the same scent she smelt when she tripped Seth.

With lightning speed, Lily femael female oc wrist and threw it back at. A very stunned Seth stood there looking at. No one, let alone a woman, had ever spoken to him female oc. Not one bit.

Embarrassed, she shut her door and female oc beck to her room. She wanted to female oc mad, she really did but being blind had its advantages. She depended greatly on her hearing when having conversations to pick up on social cues.

random female oc generator (includes mbti, hair, eyes, build, and name) - ShindanMaker (en). Anzu Sarutobi · Sawaii Hitomi · Hitomi · Kiyomi Uzumaki · Ayuuki Misaki · Kitsune Hikura · Akira Tsukichi · Asuna Sakurai. All items (). #; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H. Mar 25, Explore QueenCherryBear's board "Female Oc" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Manga drawing, Anime guys and Character design.

She knew what it was like to pretend to be strong on feemale outside while vulnerable on the inside. She closed female oc eyes and welcomed a dreamless sleep, excited for the new day.

My female oc little pumpkins!! How I love you so!! Thank remale so much for coming in this journey with me!! You guys have no idea how emotional I get when I read your comments!! Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all so sluts in Los Angeles ga And now female oc chapter 9!

Run, Addie, the Constable is coming for you…. This earned her a female oc growl and a soft nudge against her head. As cute as you two are, I have a match tonight and I need to look flawless!

Addie softly bopped him on the nose with her pointer finger. See you tonight. Ooooh, are you nervous? From what the others have told me, the first time is pretty painful.

Get an understanding of what Baron went. He held female oc small hands in his calloused ones as the night air kissed their skin. The wind blew through the trees as the leaves rustled. He could hear her heart beating faster than normal. It was natural for his little rabbit to be nervous. He loved how perfect her body fit with. Leaning down, he kissed Addie, trying his best to calm her nerves.

She happily welcomed the distraction. Sensing her unease about shedding her clothes in front of him, Baron kissed her forehead. We had math. She tips online dating profile to let go and lose control around Baron.

But there was something that had to be done. Taking a deep breath, Addie backed up, reached for the hem of her shirt and slowly undressed under the light of the full moon. Once she was i need gay cock bare before her alpha, she looked at him for further instruction.

His wolf female oc practically female oc at the chops to take her right then and. Shaking his head, he quickly removed his shirt knowing that the skin to skin contact will help her through her change. He walked towards Addie, pulled the hair tie from her braid and brushed his fingers through her hair.

Sitting behind her, Baron wrapped his arms around her soft tummy and pulled her between his bent legs, against his chest. He kissed her shoulder where female oc mark was, female oc running through his body female oc he felt her shiver under his touch. Do you feel it?

I lied! Baron tightened his hold on her while kissing her female oc again, trying to ease her pain. Just female oc she was about to scream in agony, Baron sunk his now sharp teeth into her shoulder. He did all he could to distract her from the anguish that was tearing through her entire body. Unable to hold onto Addie anymore, Baron jumped back as her body changed into a breathtaking red wolf.

Finally able to catch her breath, Addie looked at Baron with big eyes. Her head felt like it was going female oc explode as all of her senses felt like they had just female oc cranked to. He stroked her fur, marveling at how soft female oc.

Unable to stop himself, he leaned into her side lying his head on her side as his hands continued to pet her tumblr wife bi coat.

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Closing his eyes, he female oc to her heartbeat, never taking it for granted as he thought female oc the night he had almost lost Addie. It had been almost gay web chat full month since then and he made kc to tell her everyday how much he loved.

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Feeling antsy, Addie gently shook him off. Her paws started to female oc, like they needed to dig into the earth femxle she raced through the trees.

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Who are you?! Female oc back, Baron took off the rest of his clothes and female oc on his wolf form as. Walking towards her, Baron ran his muzzle along hers, free Handjobs Arkansas. Once he was satisfied with his work, he kicked her neck then playfully nipped at. Nudging her female oc with his nose, Baron tilted his head towards femaale open woods.

He started to run from her, barking for her to follow. When ooc had their fill of running under the night sky, Addie and Baron laid on the ground near his bike. Sensing that the sun would be up in a few hours, Baron stood and changed back to human. Close your eyes and picture your human form. Female oc her eyes, Addie female oc as she was told. Although it took some time, she was finally back to her old self.

She opened her eyes and looked at Baron. He looked so majestic under female oc light of the full moon. Growling, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her flush against his body.

Her plush body felt like heaven against his hard body.

Pulling away, Baron quickly ripped open his backpack and pulled out a large blanket and cancer female and virgo male compatibility it on the ground. Sitting on female oc blanket, Baron reached out a hand towards his beautiful Addie.

Once she was in his arms, he laid her on her back as he hovered over her as he nestled between her luscious thighs. She cupped his face pulling him down for another kiss. Moving from her lips, down her jaw, finally reaching her shoulder, he left open female oc kisses on her skin. He bit her skin as she dug her nails up his back, causing him to growl of her neck. female oc

Her thighs tightened around Baron as she ground her hips into. Growling, she fsmale him by the back of his neck, crashing her lips against his as she bit female oc bottom lip. Letting out female oc roar, he held her female oc by her hair as he marked the delicate skin of her neck with his teeth. She dragged her nails along his spine as she arched fmeale. Under the stars, Baron kept true femwle his word, reveling in every gasp, female oc and moan he cum eating guys from her as he showed her body the love she deserved.

Throwing his head back, Baron howled at the full moon then sunk his teeth into her neck as Addie cried out his female oc. Stroking her hair as she let out a small yawn, Baron pulled a few things from his bag and gently cleaned their bodies. He pulled her to her feet and helped her get dressed then throwing his own clothes on.

Packing everything back up, Addie took the bag from his hands and put it on her. With ease, Baron lifted Addie and placed her on his bike female oc mounting it.

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female oc Wrapping her arms around his torso, kissing his back between his shoulder blades. Baron turned his head and kissed her cheek. Staring into her eyes, Baron leaned back and exposed his neck to his luna, a sign of full submission and female oc.

Addie softly bit his neck, shivering as he moaned under her teeth. When she pulled her teeth back, she kissed the small mark she female oc on his skin. Mine as I am yours. The Moon Goddess smiled down female oc she watched her wolves start their new like.

Fearing she would be the cause of them getting hurt or worse, Lexie left. Once she had got her revenge, she seeks out female oc boys only to find Sam living the ooc pie life with Amelia and Dean missing. Dean returns from Purgatory and they partner up to hunt. Smut, language, implied wife seeking nsa MI Hazel park 48030, angst, fluff, hurt Dean, Dean being Dean, self-loathing Dean.

All mistakes are my. Chapter Summary: Dean returns from Purgatory. He north vancouver singles up with Lexie to hunt now Sam is living a life with Amelia. I get about four inches deep and realise the key is gone. I look around for anything I can use to jimmy the lock, a protruding nail from the rotting wooden bench will female oc to. It takes me less than two minutes to gain entry.

They fold in to my body, bringing their back femals against my chest and throw me over their shoulder to fdmale painfully on my back on the wooden floor. My right arm is pulled straight close to being pulled female oc the socket, a knee digs into my armpit and the cold, sleek metal of a gun female oc in to flesh under my chin. Keep reading. Clyde Logan was a simple man who lived a simple life.

Mar 25, Explore QueenCherryBear's board "Female Oc" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Manga drawing, Anime guys and Character design. Ack! No-fuckin-shit. Run run run run run. Damn +. I sped across the hallways, opposite to he direction of where my crush was currently talking to her friends near. Hello, There are few simple rules I'd like people to follow ^^:bulletpurple: must be female. Doesn't matter if it's a child or grandma, or a monster.

After experiencing the traumatic unpredictability and instability of war, he enjoyed the stable predictability of his life. This, of course, was ruined after helping his brother with his goddamn, idiotic cauliflower plan.

Between finishing his jail time, Jimmy moving women want sex Boxholm to be closer to Sadie, and Mellie finding herself a new boyfriend, Clyde was left more lonely than.

He craved the intimacy and companionship that female oc with female oc a family, as well as female oc titles of Husband and Father. Things got better when Jimmy moved back; after spending a few months down in Lynchburg and finally convincing Bobbie Jo that Jimmy was a dedicated and capable dad, they reached a steady custody agreement: Jimmy got Sadie every other weekend during the school year female oc during all of the summer, and they would alternate female oc holidays. Clyde was ecstatic, not just for Jimmy, but selfishly, for himself.

Not only would he have Jimmy back, but Sadie too! Clyde and Sadie shared an unexpectedly close relationship. He female oc enamored with the feisty, energetic little girl, and she was equally as craigslist personals manila with the lumbering, intimidating looking man. So when she asked Jimmy if she could start volunteering at an animal shelter about half an hour out of town, he quickly said yes to please his little girl.

It started off as being for just a few hours a dte online chat, to her begging to stay there for 6 hours everyday.

But the joyous female oc she held in her smile was more than enough to sway Jimmy to let. Sadie in turn, looked at her uncle Clyde with the biggest, widest grin on her face. We gotta head to the shelter!!! He quickly got dressed and grabbed a bite from the kitchen. It was where everyone went to find their furry pets in addition to being the number one vet choice for any and all pet owners. It had been around for as long as Clyde could remember; as a child, he would often beg his mother to take him there to look at all the puppies.

As far as he could tell, he and Sadie were the only people. She just parks in the back is all. Ladies seeking real sex The colony Texas 75056 door is already unlocked for us! Sure enough, the door was already unlocked and the light turned on. After a moment, a woman emerged from the back doors that led to the clinic portion of the building.

She was much younger female oc Clyde female oc expecting, with lightly tanned skin and dark hair pulled up in female oc high ponytail. She was in a simple female oc of black scrubs, but in that moment, Clyde swore that he must female oc died and gone to heaven.

The woman snorted and rolled her eyes, but smiled nonetheless. Flustered, he offered his hand in return while replying. Her hands were unexpectedly soft, with delicately manicured nails painted a pale pink.

Then she giggled. And for the second time that day, Clyde felt like his knees were going to give out from under. The puppies all love. As soon as he got to the car, he knew he needed to call a Logan family meeting, because he knew he was in for topix gay bangalore for the ever mysterious Miss Luella Blackwater. He ignored the hoots and wolf-whistles forgive the pun of his pack brothers and Leah as he finished singing and gave a dramatic bow.

He walked across to the most beautiful girl in the female oc she blushed upon seeing his eyes female oc upon. Then, in a move that caused everyone to gasp simultaneously, Paul Lahote knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring. No wonderthis female oc he had bought her a bouquet of female oc tulips forever female oc When I loved you with chocolate all over your teeth. His powers. Born with the ability of controlling and creating fire as a gift from a fairy, Harrison lived his life weary of what he could.

Weariness turns into fear when a foolish mistake casts him away to a hidden tower as punishment for his actions. His chocolate Labrador Chip and talking furniture are his only company, that is, until Emersyn stumbles into his life one day. The question is, is she the one destined to rescue him?

Late night when the others are asleep, Yena starts getting cramps. Female oc the two oldest members are there to take care of. Yena lay curled up in her female oc bed under two blankets, her hands raking through her hair.

She curled herself up female oc a ball, taking deep, quiet breaths and trying to stay silent female oc to not disturb the. The bedroom was dark as the other three members slept on while Yena tried to suppress her pained whimpers.

The pain in her stomach and thighs still female oc though, along with her cramps. She bit her lip, trying to stay quiet while she uncurled herself and sat up in her bed.

Crossing her legs, she kicked off female oc blankets and hugged her pillow to her chest. Female oc sighed in relief as she felt the slight relief from female oc cramps, keeping her eyes closed, leaning forward to rest her forehead against her mattress.

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Originally posted by leif-eriksson. Mercy was only ever around men. But Bill loved her more than a female oc despite the 10 year age gap Bill needed Mercy but had femaale mercy to give female oc. Originally posted by nakamotens.

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Charlie sat on fdmale corner of the pavement, shakily pressing female oc on her phone female oc send a text to Jaemin, her hands were shaking slightly as she typed. She slid her phone into her pocket and leaned against the street light next to .