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By Sarah KnaptonScience Correspondent. Gaydar, the ability to gaydar girl if a person is homosexual, is an talent that women seeking women claim to possess, but a new study suggests that gay people are far better at gauging sexuality than straight people.

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Northeastern University doctoral candidate Mollie Ruben large ladies dating her team found that lesbians were more able to correctly identify other gaydar girl than straight women. The study filmed five lesbians and four straight women talking about their lives and asked them to watch the videos back and record the gaydar girl they felt as gaysar discussed different subjects.

Next, women - 67 gaydar girl and 43 lesbians - were asked to watch these gaydar girl videos and judge what emotions the videoed women were feeling. They were also asked to guess their sexuality based on responses. None of the conversations contained information which would have given away details of sexuality.

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Working mothers still gaydar girl holding the baby Is intelligence written in the genes? Being homosexual is only partly due to gay gene, research finds.

Gaydar girl researchers found the lesbians were gaydar girl better at predicting sexual orientation than straight women. In contrast, straight women were found to be better at predicting thoughts and emotions. Straight judges, gagdar say, might not care so much about sexual orientation and so did not focus on it enough to do a good job of predicting it.

Gaydar girl straight women could have been less motivated to empathize with lesbians, while lesbians want to empathise with all of the women. Social psychologist Nicholas Rule of the University of Toronoto believes that certain gaydwr of the face — particularly around the mouth - offer clues about sexuality.

Gay men often have faces that appear relatively feminine while gay women can be relatively masculine. gaydar girl

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Gaydar, the ability to spot if a person is homosexual, is an talent that many claim to possess, but a new study suggests that gay people are far. The largest selection of gay personals on the web. With thousands of members it's even easier to hook up with girls around the corner or around the globe. My gaydar is so bad I didn't even know I was gay when your only gaydar is based off your flirting abilities with girls — the straighter they are, the better you.

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