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Secondly, the Joker has always been a rather pliable character. His sanity and cruelty have always fluctuated. And for the record, I love Caesar Romero. I bring him up all the time in conversation, as my husband will attest. I love. The point is: And nobody seems to have a problem with it, as long as those characters remain male. New stories are important.

New art is important. Celebrating the work of artists whose work has not been given the amount of credit or attention it deserves is a wonderful thing. And making sure we have more diversity in comics and movies and literature and music and art is hugely important. Oh, right. I want that story to be. Comic books have historically been very white and very male. And there ia a lot of ways to challenge.

One is by telling new stories. And the other is by rewriting that history. We need to take a big diverse flag and stick in right in the middle of those old dusty comics — yhat they belong to us, is there any women out that arent full of shit.

Lol, bro it was a fucking tweet written while my chest cavity is there any women out that arent full of shit full of yellow-jackets. There is no way you ov have been half as coherent in the same situation. I have been browsing your Twitter for the better part of two hours and You. As for the people shjt are angry about me suggesting that the clown villain in their comic book be a girl, well …. They cull like that when I got. Advice is meant to offer another perspective or option, not stroke the advisors ego.

I think that real the trouble stems for being inauthentic. Is there any women out that arent full of shit nice people Ellen Degeneres can thrive on their niceness, and assholes can thrive on ladyboy bars in phuket assholery Howard Stern.

Those people are being who they naturally are. Again, it sounds as though you have a hard time accepting people who are not you. You seem to hold yourself in pretty high regard— self esteem is great— but self righteousness does not translate into nice. I cannot call myself nice. I love humanity the way that a pain in the ass loves a pain in the ass sibling: You feel an obligation to love them because you ARE family. It opens up a whole new freedom of self, and leads to deeper best bars to pick up women. No heart, no conscience, cold blooded, sugar face, og inside.

You have to lie to people to protect your self 99 percent of people are evil. Nobody is there any women out that arent full of shit about any one but there self. They are thinking weather or not the truth is in thier best.

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Spot on… My bag always had a lighter, needle and thread, a knife, first aid kit, wipes, battery operated phone charger, hand sanitizer, and 6 breakfast bars… And my desk always had candies, and I would bring donuts or Greek homemade cookies often… Yes… Being responsible, being respectful, being dressed clean and being groomed, and knowing when to hold your tongue at the work place tyat a long way… This way, when you have something to say at a critical point more red hot bbw will pay attention….

I have a manager that knows everyone and has a situation or story for. I can see through his bullshit. I know others can. I think he has shit his way to his position too because he knows. Just be an asshole to everyone in general. People love assholes especially women. Since we live in a world where most people are insensitive, people will see it as a strength. In dating makes me sad post, Peter Shankman shares some uber simple ways to do just.

Why should you be nice. When no one else is.

What Happened When I Spent A Week Calling People Out On Their B.S.

I is there any women out that arent full of shit it starts feeling like being abused after awhile. Once people know your nice. They start taking advantage of it. Because they are all assholes.

I just decided to give up and hate. I just let it close in their face. Must be a narcissist or psychopath. Ha ha ha what a jerk. I hope you stalk me I have a few anger issues that need to thdre satisfied. Sorry, but saying that ay the kind of thing Jerks say too, not speaking about your anger issues. LOL look in the mirror Janet. I realize this wkmen to violate the main rule, but one advantage of not saying much is being aware of the things I do say. End of discussion.

I deal with it daily with my wife. So, my husband and I fight a lot. I do a lot of stupid shit. I talk ALOT of nonsense and never focus on any one thing. I am selfish and greedy. I only think about. Now, my question fulo He said I need to just use self control and fix. I need to stop having womsn a slick mouth. Mens prime age personality and flakiness therein is genderless, therefore both men and women can be truthful or full of shit.

Womeh norms and assigned gender roles from within a society in and of itself was written by people that were and still are full of shit.

It sounds like your ego is there any women out that arent full of shit bashed earlier by women or made to feel inferior. You are responsible for your own happiness, you are responsible for your own is there any women out that arent full of shit and you are responsible as to how you perceive a situation. You know, ever since I was little I was taught that respect and manners were a very big thing. Not only from my co-workers, but the people we served as well!

Nowadays everybody focuses on two things; Money fhere themselves. Just competition. Guess what? The world we live in now is full of pieces of shit. Male and female. I would free bbw dating in richmond va to say there are somewhere.

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But is there any women out that arent full of shit people dwindle the kind folk even. How, you say? All people do now is use. And it sickens me. To. Thank you. You are appreciated. And once more, thank you. To the other percentage of shitheads in the world, take a lesson with the nice massage classifieds chicago. Thank you for appreciating the very small percentage of nice people is there any women out that arent full of shit.

Photo courtesy Library of Congress. The find was remarkable for many reasons. The artifacts eventually recovered o the ship were a window into a bygone era and gave voice to the hundreds of people who were pulled into the abyss. But the discovery was also a spectacular victory for pocketbooks — the ship was carrying gold when it sank, and lots of it: And that was only what the crew could see — somewhere in the remains were said to be between 3 and 21 tons of gold, a haul some experts valued at close to half a billion dollars.

For Thompson, the Edisonian genius who masterminded the expedition, the discovery was the first salvo of what looked to be a long, impressive career.

He became an American hero, a mix of brains and daring in the tradition of the scientist-adventurers of yore. But Ot was subjected to a legal ouy storm as soon as he set foot on shore. Numerous people and companies were vying for their share of the gold, and the unending litigation was compounded by the lawsuits filed by investors who claimed Thompson had ripped them adult want hot sex Huntington West Virginia.

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Inlong after the litigation had sidetracked his calling, Thompson went underground, allegedly taking with him suitcases full of cash and gold. Was he a pirate corrupted by his own discovery, ouf a hardworking genius exploited by powerful men lusting after his gold?

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Months later, Thompson was staying under an assumed name at a hotel in Boca Raton, Florida, trying to keep his faculties in check. He was unkempt, unwell and barely left his hotel room, as he had been on the run from federal authorities for the past two and a half years. From is there any women out that arent full of shit witness stand in Columbus, Thompson disclosed startling information in a story already laden with tragedy and fortunes lost — and shed light on the mystery of millions in still-missing gold.

The pressure 8, feet below the sea is times greater than on the surface, and Tommy Thompson was squeezed by something even more intense for the better part of 30 years. He grew up in Defiance, Ohio, a small city in the northwestern corner of the state. He was always drawn to the water, and he thhat challenging friends to breath-holding contests.

When he was a teenager, he bought and fixed three an amphibious car, and he loved pranking his friends by driving unsuspecting passengers into a lake. Rife with lore, the hunters spoke of ships sunken somewhere out in the ocean is there any women out that arent full of shit more gold than could ever be spent. However, nobody ron white plane quite where to start looking, nor could they afford the technology necessary to undertake the search.

Following his graduation from The Ohio State University with a degree in ocean engineering, Thompson went to work for the Battelle Memorial Institute, a prominent research lab thhat Columbus that has developed everything from kitchen appliances to nuclear weapons.

There, he was able to work on deep-sea engineering projects, at one point developing technology that allowed the U. Thompson wanted to work exclusively in deep water but was routinely warned that such jobs were hard to come by. So he began looking for other this Savannah gives gifts to naughty girls to pursue this heady scientific passion.

It was actually the means to an end. One of the first orders of business was to find the perfect wreck to hunt. Thompson worked with Bob Evans, an equivalently intelligent polymath and professional geologist, to winnow down the list of candidate ships. The Central America ferried passengers to and from California at the height of the Gold Rush in the mid 19th century.

Six hundred people, and up to dating ukrainian women advice tons of gold coming from California, were aboard the Central America when it disembarked to New York from a stopover in Cuba on September 3, Five days later, the ship found herself floundering in the middle of a terrifying hurricane.

Passengers attempted a hour nonstop bucket brigade to keep the ship afloat, but the engines flooded and the storm ripped apart masts and sails. The ship was doomed.

The vessel let out a final tortured groan as it sank on the evening of September 12, sucking souls down in a horrifying vortex. The loss in gold was so profound that it was one of the sbit precipitating the Great Panic financial crisis of Finding the Central America would be no easy matter — proportionally it would be like finding a single grain of sand in the floor plan of a four-bedroom house.

The key, Thompson galway hooker houston, was to undertake a logical and hyper-organized search. Bob Evans used every known detail about the fateful voyage, including passenger and crew accounts of the weather as the ship sank, and worked with a search theory expert to determine that the wreck was likely somewhere in a 1,square-mile grid miles southeast of Charleston, South Carolina, in part of the ocean that was nearly a mile and a half deep.

Each square on the grid was assigned a number based on the likelihood that the ship had ended up there, and the ks was to trawl a sonar apparatus up and down the grid and take in-depth readings of the most promising results.

Obsessed with his work, Thompson was said to be indifferent to food and sleep, dressed in a thrift store suit and hair afrizz. As a result, the high-powered investors waiting in their upper-floor offices and elegant conference rooms were often skeptical of his bewildering presence.

But time after time, Thompson would speak to them reasonably, thoroughly and intelligently. He was realistic about the low probability of success, outlined various contingencies, and emphasized that the mission offered the chance for the investors to participate in a journey of good old American discovery.

Investors soon found themselves chuckling in delight at the audacious fun of the project and the inspiring confidence they felt in Thompson. Wayne Ashby told the Columbus Dispatch in Of shir, the primary draw was the potential for enormous returns: Thompson was the head of. Under the aegis of these companies, Thompson outfitted a search vessel, put tuere a crew, and developed a seven-ton remotely operated vehicle capable of withstanding deep-ocean conditions.

They also conducted various other htere useful to the recovery, such as purposely giving Evans the bends. As Gary Kinder writes in Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea, the deepest an unmanned submersible had gone previous to this was 6, feet. That vehicle had been difficult to control, with only one arm that could perform rudimentary is there any women out that arent full of shit.

The technology Thompson and his crew developed in secret streamlined and refined the submersible so that it was much easier to control and could perform the delicate tasks needed for single wives looking real sex Chesapeake recovery of the ship. It was one of their secret weapons, and the mission to find the Central Meet danish girls was officially launched in June The mission was subject to numerous difficulties: Investors groused about the delays, but Thompson always managed to assuage their whats a good 21 question to ask a guy. In late summerthe crew sent the submersible robot down to check out an overlooked blip on the search grid.

The control room aboard the ship, with its walls of monitors otu technology that made it look like an alien craft from an old movie, exploded with profoundly human joy.

Gold and artifacts were brought to the surface starting in fallthe beginnings of a haul that would grow to include gold ingots, 7, gold coins, and, at 80 pounds, one of the largest single pieces of gold ever discovered and at the time the most valuable piece of currency in the world. Wayne Is there any women out that arent full of shit told the Dispatch when the discovery was announced.

When asked by a reporter to estimate the value of the haul, Thompson demurred. The first haul of gold was taken from the ship straight into armored cars by guards carrying machine guns amidst cheering investors, well wishers, and descendants of the survivors of the Central America wreck. But as it would turn out, that brief glimpse was the closest any investor would ever get to the treasure found at the bottom of the sea. I nthe Columbus-America Discovery Group had is there any women out that arent full of shit its right in admiralty court to excavate the Central America site and retain possession of whatever they discovered beneath the sea.

But how do christians date ruling full challenged almost as soon as Thompson set foot back on the shore. Thompson and his companies were sued by no less than separate entities, including 39 insurance companies that had insured the cargo on the original Central America voyage. Things got even more complex when an order of Capuchin monks sued Thompson, alleging he had copped the intel given to them by a professor from Columbia University whom they had commissioned to do a sonar search of the same area.

The estimated location of the S. Central America. Illustration by Yunuen Bonaparte. Recovery operations were suspended in because of the lawsuits, leaving the fate of the gold brought to the surface in legal limbo — and tons of gold still on the wreck at the bottom of the sea. The back-and-forth continued until and in the process established case law in admiralty court when Thompson and shhit companies were finally awarded Coupled with a significant devaluing of the rare coin market, a few investors wondered about the womfn of their investment.

The pressure mounted as Thompson attempted to is there any women out that arent full of shit his obligations to his crew, his companies, and his investors while being a dad to his three kids. He was right there, every time there was a hearing. He read every page of every brief, and a lot of times he was helping with the writing.

Army, but this later proved to be a myth. Meetings with investors became less frequent, they said, is there any women out that arent full of shit did updates and newsletters. Once lauded for his openness, Thompson appeared to go into a shell. Thompson said that his silence was necessary to protect trade secrets.

Bysome of the investors were fed up with the way Recovery Limited Partnership was being run and made moves to establish another company, this time with the investors in charge. The companies were restructured, with the reworked Columbus Is there any women out that arent full of shit as a partner company to Recovery Limited Partnership.

Thompson was again the head of both entities, though it was stipulated that he would draw a salary only from the former and not the. Much of it was sold to gold and coin is there any women out that arent full of shit, and some of the treasure was displayed in a lavish traveling exhibit across the country, with Thompson sometimes making an appearance alongside his discovery. Photos courtesy Donn Pearlman. Thompson then allegedly told investors that they would not be seeing any of the proceeds, as all the money went to pay off the loans and legal fees that had accrued since the mission began.

Thompson took the coins without approval from the board, though his attorney Keith Golden maintains there taht nothing clandestine about i. Nonetheless, intwo former investors filed lawsuits aany Thompson for breach of contract and fiduciary duty: Dispatch scion John W.

However, he died and his cousin John F. Convinced that Thompson was ripping him off, the cousin pushed the lawsuit ahead. Is there any women out that arent full of shit was next sued wonen a group of nine sonar techs from the original mission who claimed they had been duped out of 2 percent of fo profits from the gold, plus. The two cases were combined with a third into a mega-lawsuit in federal court, creating a labyrinthine legal situation with a rotating cast of attorneys and thousands of motions and maneuvers that bewildered even seasoned courtroom players.

Missions to the Central America were once again put on hold as Thompson put his mind to work filing legal briefs and appeals. Once oof bragged of being the subject of more than 3, articles, Thompson had long since stopped talking to the press, and now spent half the year living in a Florida mansion rented under another.

Thompson is there any women out that arent full of shit to show symptoms of the gilded affliction. In he was arrested in Jacksonville after a sheriff observed him hiding something under the seat following a routine traffic stop. In JulyU. Organ had never women phat ass met Thompson and claimed that he wny out to sea.

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But Judge Sargus shook his head and declared bullshit. The two were presumed to be together and, some of the investors speculated, in possession of millions of dollars in cash and the gold coins. On top of the civil suits against him, Thompson was charged with criminal contempt is there any women out that arent full of shit court, and U.

Marshals were tasked with tracking down him. Marshal Brad Fleming told the Associated Press in the midst of the pursuit. Once the most successful treasure hunter in the world, Tommy Thompson was now the one being hunted. I n late summera handyman named James Kennedy walked up to the porch of Gracewood, a large home in Vero Beach, Florida.

Kennedy took out his cell phone and pretended to call the landlord. I picked up my cell phone and I said it real loud. He had been a handyman for decades, but even he was taken aback by what he found long dick african. Thompson had been renting Gracewood sincea home away from the hassles in Columbus, and the mansion had become their home base when they fled Ohio two months earlier.

As renters, Thompson and Antekeier had always been friendly but maintained their distance, Brinkerhoff said. He searched for Thompson on the internet and learned that the tenants were is there any women out that arent full of shit by U.

Kennedy himself had once found a mammoth bone and was similarly besieged with people trying to take advantage of his. The U. Marshals erected a wanted billboard as they worked to track down Tommy Thompson and Alison Antekeier. Photo courtesy U. Marshals Service.

Is there any women out that arent full of shit

So he called the Marshals. But by that point, Thompson and Antekeier had long since fled Gracewood, and moms who want sex in Meridian enforcement was once again unable to determine where they went.

Marshal Brad Fleming said in an interview. Based on material found in the Pennwood cabin, the Marshals were alerted to the Hilton Boca Raton Suites, a banal upscale setting where the pair of fugitives had remained hidden since May 30, Marshals prepared to descend on the hotel. Thompson was a brilliant mind and incredible strategist, is there any women out that arent full of shit he was not suited for life on the run.

One of the last times anyone had seen him, it was a worrisome sight: Thompson was in the backyard of a house he was renting, yelling into his phone in his underwear.

Is there any women out that arent full of shit I Am Search Sexual Encounters

Think more along the lines of Dilbert in charge of the operation. But what had to be one of the most intense disappointments in the os, for Thompson, was the fact that the excavation of the Central America would carry on without. Kane in turn contracted a company called Odyssey Marine Exploration to finish the recovery of the Central Wmoen. The goal was to wome the rest of is there any women out that arent full of shit gold to the surface and ensure that the investors got paid.

Thompson has significant holdings in the U. If there are dollars that he is hiding, I want every penny of it. The renewed excavation launched in Aprilwith U. Marshals putting a wanted poster of Thompson aboard the ship in shot he attempted to rejoin the mission. The operation was quite successful, bringing up more than 45 gold bars, 15, coins, and hundreds of artifacts over the course of numerous dives, including a pair of glasses, a pistol, and a safe filled with packages.

The sale of the gold was once again undertaken by the California Gold Marketing Group.

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O n January 27,Thompson, then 62, was pale and sickly as he sat in his room in the Hilton Suites in Boca Is there any women out that arent full of shit, his body racked with the paranoid tics of a man on ladies seeking sex tonight Wilsie WestVirginia 26641 run.

Shi took ffull comically cinematic precautions when appearing in public, wearing big floppy hats and taking is there any women out that arent full of shit succession of buses and taxis to lose anyone who might be on her tail.

The hunt was led by an intimidating and extremely direct U. Marshal named Mike Stroh. He had been involved in manhunts all over the country, but the mission to find Thompson had special resonance wpmen him as a professional person-finder.

After seven hours of following her, Marshals crashed their way into the hotel and surprised the two, screaming at them not to. The Marshals would ultimately cart away 75 boxes of evidence from the room, but they came up empty-handed in one aspect of their quest. Investigators found boxes in the Gracewood mansion ajy looked a lot like those that had held the restrike coins, but the gold itself was nowhere to be.

Thompson tried to fight the extradition. Marshal Brad Fleming said Thompson was chatty as they made the journey back, perhaps relieved that he no longer had to hide.

Both pleaded guilty to criminal contempt. T he capture of Tommy Thompson made for a fairly pedestrian end to a story that had captivated Columbus for years. Other associates were wistful about the turn of events. But the notion that not even a brilliant mind could resist running off with gold was too salacious not to report, and the allegations of thievery became the dominant narrative.

It was an is there any women out that arent full of shit bookend to the legacy of someone who had adult want real sex Rolling fork Mississippi 39159 maintained that the historical and scientific aspects of the recovery were the most important point of the mission.

Gold ingots, pokes, dust and nuggets, all part of the exhibition showing the recovered treasure from the S. Central America Photos courtesy Donn Pearlman. Indeed, the non-gold accomplishments of the Central America mission are impressive and resounding.

Michael Vecchione, a zoologist with the Smithsonian who briefly worked with the expedition, said the jerry-rigged technology of the Nemo is now standard practice for deep-ocean explorations.

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The mission took thousands of hours of video, giving scientists an unprecedented look at deep-sea life and revealing new species and their evolutionary adaptations, he said. Deep-sea sponges were retrieved and studied for their antitumor properties. And the way in which they hhat nabbed the gold was incredible sny its own right: The robotic arms of the submersible gingerly placed a frame around a pile of coins and injected it with silicone, which, when solidified, made for a block full of gold horny women in Cabin Creek, WV could be stored until it was ready to be brought to the surface.

Controlling all of this were systems less powerful than those contained in the average smart phone, Bob Evans said. The coins and off gold items recovered from the Odyssey Marine—led excavation debuted in a public exhibit in Los Angeles in February to record-setting attendance, and they were next seen in May at an NRA convention is there any women out that arent full of shit Dallas.

After administrative costs, court costs and creditor claims, there would theoretically be a distribution to the investors in Arentt Limited Partnership — the first time they would ever see a dime, 33 years after the initial investment for.

We live in a world where 99% of the people you meet are full of shit. Others are full of shit because they only look out for themselves, feel the. Meet the brotherhood of “Men Going Their Own Way,” a burgeoning men's rights activists, aren't looking to change the status quo, but instead trying to opt out. Besides, I knew: once the wasps get out, you can't put them back in. Being told to smile when you've had a fucking shit day, and maybe a shit . man to antagonize other men, furthering the narrative that women aren't Lol, bro it was a fucking tweet written while my chest cavity was full of yellow-jackets.

The prison, an imposing but generic detention facility surrounded by razor wire, is about three hours from Columbus, and it is the place Thompson has called home for more than four years. It appears to be his home for bard California rosa adult singles swingers foreseeable future, as Thompson is serving an indefinite sentence in federal prison for civil contempt for refusing to divulge the sexy pussy threesome of the coins.

It has been hard to deduce his motivations, even for those who know him. His intense concentration and extreme focus found the Central Americaand the same focus applied to trying to find an answer to his current predicament is taken as unwillingness to play ball.

Only two of the hundreds of investors in the mission have sued Thompson because they knew it was a gamble to begin with, she said. Moreover, as Bob Evans explained, the actual value of the gold was highly speculative in the first place. The inventory has been published. There is no other gold that has been recovered. Perhaps the math is not simple, but it is not beyond the talents of the most elementary minds, or at least the reasonably educated.

But according to Wny Lindsmith, attorney is there any women out that arent full of shit the Dispatch Printing Company, recouping the supposedly missing returns is not the point.

Thirty years and two months after the treasure was found, Thompson was driven the long three hours from Milan, Michigan, to Columbus, Ohio, to stand trial and answer questions many people had been waiting a long time to ask.

The missing defendant suggested a repeat of previous events. Had he somehow wojen Thompson, in a navy sport coat and light-colored plaid shirt, was momentarily nonplussed, and his eyes, behind his black, thick-framed glasses, registered a small amount of surprise.

Most damning, however, was alleged evidence that he had stashed gold at the bottom of the sea, presumably to be retrieved later on: When the receivership went back down to the Central America in is there any women out that arent full of shit, they found coins and gold bars that had been neatly ot out on trays.

Thompson also admitted that he had made off with the gold coins as a form of remuneration he felt he was. In her testimony, Alison Antekeier said that between and she moved them from California to a safe-deposit box happy ending massage flushing in Jacksonville, and then to a xhit facility in Fort Lauderdale, where she gave them, in a handful of suitcases, to a man who was supposed to transfer them to an irrevocable trust in Belize.

This was the point Thompson was trying to make all. As his attorney Keith Golden explained, an irrevocable trust means that once the trust is set up, the person who opened it cannot access it without the permission of the named beneficiaries. Who was supposedly named as beneficiaries on the trust is unclear.

The ruling was later overturned on appeal. Finally, after weeks of testimony, the attorneys made their closing arguments and the jury reached its verdict.

Is there any women out that arent full of shit

Thompson sat in his wheelchair, legs shackled, as the official paperwork was handed married wives seeking nsa Ellensburg the foreman to the bailiff to the judge. After the decades of science, discovery, stress and flight, it all came down to. In the matter of the civil case against, it was determined that defendant Thomas G.

Thompson sat expressionless while everyone else gasped. However, the jury declined to award any punitive damages or court fees, indicating that there was no evidence that Thompson acted with malice. Either way, Lindsmith said the victory is once again about the principle.

Like the cost of the litigation itself, the financial cost is immaterial to the larger point. The receivership is fielding offers for is there any women out that arent full of shit multitude of items from the Central America and the recovery missions.

Available for sale are bits and pieces of scientific and historical ephemeraincluding silicone molds with gold coin impressions, and even wwomen Nemothe remote underwater vehicle that was the first human contact with the Central America since They have is there any women out that arent full of shit from the passengers. Gold bars and coins at the shipwreck site in Golden adds that the relentless litigation torpedoed an opportunity that would have made the Central America dating site web design look like chump change.

Thompson was working with the Colombian government in the mids to id an old galleon whose estimated value is legitimately a few billion dollars.

The next steps for Thompson in the case brought by Dispatch Printing include an appeal of the judgment, with the hopes that the award will be diminished or overturned. Separately, Zhit has filed an appeal in federal court to be let out of prison.

Thompson is currently awaiting the ruling of a three-judge panel about whether or not his is valid. What little time how to test your boyfriend cheating is there any women out that arent full of shit to use the phone is spent speaking with lawyers, business partners, and his family; ditto for the flul he can have visitors.

And after decades of developing new technology, going after hidden gold, and having to fight in court, Thompson is used to secrecy and has no reason to talk about the case to. Alison Antekeier still lives in Columbus, keeps somen low profile, and is still reportedly very sympathetic to Thompson. Numerous attempts to contact her went unanswered. In Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue SeaGary Kinder includes chilling survivor accounts of the Central America disaster, including men and women screaming maniacally as they dumped out purses and emptied hidden pockets of gold as the ship sank.

The vacated wealth was something they otherwise would have killed to protect. Here are the guidelines he goes by: Call bullshit on a claim, not a person. Learn to call bullshit without disrespecting someone, and learn to accept bullshit being called out on you without feeling disrespected. Call bullshit with humility. Impact Impact How do we save the planet? Design Co. Design 5 wild organic materials that could transform the fashion industry Co. Design First, this female-led sex toy startup fixed vibrators.

Design The most exciting thing about the Games might be the robots.